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Empowering remote workforce worldwide to boost productivity with VoIP

No matter what nationality, economic status or living situation we belong to, we’ve all been affected extensively by the COVID-19 crisis from past few months. In fact, there seems to be little else talked about in the news today, which can make the problem seem insurmountable at times.

person effeceted by pandemic

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to make the workplace too risky to spend time unless it is absolutely necessary, numerous employees have committed to isolating themselves in their homes.

As Shelter-in-place are the orders in most of the countries and have necessitated the implementation of a remote work environment for many businesses which may never have considered it otherwise. As Social distancing has more or less confined many to their homes, and many people have begun to adopt remote working to stay busy and to keep their workplaces operational.

Fortunately, we have the technology today that allows work to still be done during this pandemic situation.

One way to assist these activities is through VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol), a massively helpful tool that many businesses these days rely on. Thanks to the capabilities of VoIP technologies that lean on cloud solutions.

Remote Work is Easier with VoIP

working from home

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is essentially voice telephone service that is carried over the internet rather than a copper telephone wire. It gives employers a great deal of flexibility in how they assign and utilize various telephone numbers and virtual lines, and it makes it incredibly easier for a remote employee to utilize a line or extension assigned to him or her from any part of the world. This reinforces the employee to have utmost communication amongst his/her clientele.

If your employees need to work from home effectively, they need the tools for the job, just like they would need in the office. This includes a workstation too, whether it’s a laptop that travels with them or a workstation capable of accessing their resources remotely. It could also include a desk phone, which is something that is much more difficult to transfer from location to location.

Thanks to VoIP as it runs the phone through the Internet instead of a separate dedicated line. The employees can make business calls with the same number they have at their office, without needing to be in the office physically. Software on their workstations, or an app on their mobile device, gives them access to their calling capabilities–along with many other features likes reporting and conference calls are all made easy enabling better productivity from remote workplace.

VoIP and the benefits for your Business

The modern workforce has shifted in a major way in favour of working remotely. Perhaps this is because remote working has been shown to significantly increase productivity, employee retention, talent acquisition, employee diversity and to reduce cost for employers and employees.

In recent times, the number of people working remotely (telecommuting) has greatly increased and that number has continued to rise with every passing year.

Some of the benefits associated with developing and utilizing a remote work include:

Better retention rates: People who work from home are happier because they are better able to manage their work and home lives. As a result, retention rates increase sharply despite industries.

Hardly any sick leaves taken: Employees who work from home tend to be far more satisfied with their jobs. They are less likely to experience stress-induced illness, which means they miss fewer days of work.

Less downtime: As COVID-19 has proved that the community we reside can change in the blink of an eye. By hiring remote workers, your business will have far less downtime. This also applies to situations like intemperate weather conditions too.

Your people at work are always in reach. Because VoIP phone systems allow your employees to take their phone numbers with them anywhere, they are always reachable. The best part is that you will not need to keep a list of numbers to call for each employee since everyone has his or her own line or extension.

Higher productivity:

higher productivity

a happier workforce is more productive than otherwise. The above benefits with better overall retention rates, fewer sick days, more flexibility, and constant connections – all work together to improve your company’s productivity. While your competitors struggle, you will have the security of knowing that your business is still operating even though your employees are not gathered together in the office.

Beyond effective communication, VoIP also provides a robust collaboration platform. Users can share files and archives. The data shared can be edited and organized by multiple users providing a way to work with better efficiency and effectiveness. This collaborative platform creates a central hub of information as no one will miss out on any updates from colleagues eliminating constant back and forth of documents to be edited individually.

One of the most challenging tasks is to monitor the remote workforce. An employer would not be able to notice if any employee is easing off or gets someone else to do their job unless he/she is missing or not responding or is having low quality work. VoIP offers an optional tracking feature. The employer can measure the productivity of employees via reports on a every day, month, or year basis. The bonus point of this tracking feature is that it doesn’t invade the privacy of any employee.

Enhanced Security

VoIP is a secure way to communicate and share data. The data remains private and secure in well-audited cloud. The system is always updated to the latest version, hindering the ability for cyber-attacks. Because your employees will be using VoIP over a VPN, you can ensure that everything stays within your protected environment rather than worrying about whether an internet source is a secured network.

In many ways, VoIP-based management of remote workforce benefits both employers and employees. A happy employee usually also means a happy employer.

We at IP Momentum Empower remote workforce with VoIP for an win-win situation for all parties.

Yes, the VoIP makes remote jobs possible, and in today’s day and age – especially during a global pandemic – remote workstation can ensure your company’s overall success.

A cloud-based VoIP phone solution is affordable, easy to use, and by far the best option for minimizing downtime and keeping things flowing both now and in the future.

Thus, by now we understand that the VoIP phone systems is a backbone for remote working teams with numerous advantages such as providing seamless workflows, enhanced reliability, security and thereby productivity.

We at IP Momentum encourage modern organizations to bring life to their dynamic business setting thereby having a happier workforce with accelerative business profits.

Impact of 5G on VoIP | IP Momentum

Growing consumption of data is about to grow to new heights with the introduction of 5G. The fifth generation of wireless system will transform the amount of data usage in one’s life. 5G is not just an incremental improvement over 4G. The technological foundations are different and the advantages are considerably more.

Unlike previous generations, where massive cell towers transmitted data signals to various geographic locations, 5G signals can possibly be transmitted through much smaller towers, or network cells, which are implemented in much larger numbers. These types of network cells may not be larger than home routers, but they are still very powerful.


global-unlimited-dialing-plansOne of the areas that should see a considerable improvement in quality is video conferencing. At this point, the video conference has had limited use in business and has not taken off as planned, partly because the quality of the video conference is not always on par. However, 5G network speeds should see a large increase in the ability to transfer, download, connect and stream 4k and 8k video, with video of this high quality, accessible on the mobile level from anywhere the phone cell phone can receive signal, means great accessibility for technology,
with much less hiccups and interruptions


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are also expected to experience significant
improvements. In recent years both VR and AR technologies have undergone great development and improvement, and now as technology is being updated regularly these technologies are bound for further improvement. It is likely that mobile AR and RV will
become much more widespread and benefit from much greater use and would be utilised in day to day activities. With the introduction of 5G both VR and AR are bound to improve.


Area where we could see a great impact of 5G is the mobile voice over IP. VoIP Calls depend on an Internet connection, so mobile VoIP users often experience less clarity and reliability when making calls over a Wi-Fi network. Most VoIP applications do not use 4G technology, so the quality of calls is not very good. With the fast connection speed Users would be use 5G to make Mobile VoIP calls and with the stable connection the quality of the call is expected to be strong.


The Impact of 5G is absolute but it would take few more years for us to utilize the full potential of 5G the implementations for 5G are underway, but they will take time. 4G will continue to be compatible during 5G deployment. It is advisable to pay attention to the implementation plans for the geographic areas that are important to you. Verify latency and performance benchmarks specific to your geographic location of interest.




What is IP-PBX? How it is useful in 2019?

IP-PBX systems are the modern telephone systems of our time. Because they are based on the Internet, IP-PBX systems eliminate the archaic problem of telephone wiring, eliminate the hassle for IT administrators and add several new features.

A virtual PBX also allows you to have more phones than physical telephone lines (PTSN) and allows free calls between users. It also offers features such as transfers, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus (IVR) and ACD call queues, and more.

What is PBX?

PBX, or Internet Protocol, is a type of professional telephone system that uses VoIP technology to connect telephone calls to the public telephone network. IP PBX systems can be cloud-based or hybrid of a cloud-based telephone system and an on-site PBX system.

IP PBX allows you to switch from one call to another from a VoIP user on local lines while allowing all users to share a series of external telephone lines. The typical PBX can also switch calls between a VoIP user and a traditional telephone user, or between two traditional telephone users, in the same way as a conventional PBX.

Advantages of IP PBX

Easy installation & configuration
IP-PBXThe configuration of an PBX system is a unique process with a minimum installation period. And unlike a traditional PBX system, removing and moving a phone is a simple process of moving it and connecting it to the system. Eliminate the need for complex procedures and wiring adjustments that would be necessary in the old proprietary telephone system for such a simple task.

Better Security with IP PBX system


With all your commercial communications on a network and with controlled access to external networks, it is much easier to establish a security wall around this system against hackers and curious ears. In an increasingly competitive environment, network encryption can prevent your competitors from listening to too many important conversations and developing their trade secrets.

Easier to manage because of web/GUI based configuration interface

Call Centre VoIP

An IP PBX can be managed through a web-based configuration interface or a graphical interface, allowing you to easily manage and adjust your telephone system. Proprietary telephone systems have difficult-to-use interfaces that are often designed to be used only by telephone technicians.


VoIP Phone

IP PBX software allows scalability as an integrated feature. You can reduce the use in hosted IP PBX software and pay accordingly. If there is a periodic need for higher loads, it adapts easily. It is easy to add branches and remote extensions and use them safely on desktops or smartphones. The IP PBX is so easy that it even allows the use of analog telephones and faxes.

VoIP vs VoLTE – which is better | IP Momentum

In a rapid changing world, it has become very difficult for any business to keep up with the current trend and current technological advancement. Hence every business should be aware of VoIP and how it works and its importance in the current world of corporate.


VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol is the transmission of voice and multimedia content over Internet networks. VoIP historically referred to using IP to connect private branch exchanges (PBXs).


VoLTE stands for voice over LTE  (Long Term Evolution), it administers high speed mobile communications including IoT devices and wearables, VoLTE provides voice calls over a 4G LTE network, rather than the 2G or 3G connections which are usually used.

The main difference between VoIP and VoLTE are


Business VoIP Phone

The main difference between VoIP and VoLTE depends on the technology they both incorporate with. VoIP uses network such as 3G, wifi to transfer voice data. VoIP services are very common among smartphones and computers. VoLTE one the other hand is using LTE network technology such as 4G for transferring voice data from one place to another.


VoIP Phones

VoIP is supported by VoIP phones and VoLTE is supported by smartphones. When compared to VoIP, VoLTE has a higher range and it offers a better quality. VoIP services uses codecs to convert audio into data packets and disseminate the packets trough an IP network and convert the packets back into audio at the other end. On the other hand VoLTE is complicated and VoLTE transmits high definition voice data from one place to another.


VoIP Network

VoIP is using networks such as 2G and 3G whereas, VoLTE is using 4G for transferring voice data.


VoLTE provides better call quality when compared to VoIP, due to better devices used by the VoLTE users. But VoLTE depends on the connectivity, if the connectivity is not stable user may not be satisfied with the service. On the other hand, VoIP provides constant connectivity which helps the users to be stay connected and VoIP is more preferable if the user have to make an international call.

Latest Call Centre VoIP Trends 2019

Call centers are not like the old days anymore. It’s more about quality customer experiences now! VoIP solutions have now popped up for the best, completely eradicating free and low- quality calling as well as PSTN calling services. 2018- 19 is the year of revolution because there are so many goals which have to be achieved by 2020- financially as well as personally. Check out different ways in which call centers can be worked on with the help of the best of technology:

Artificial Intelligence

If AI is integrated into customer interactions, call centers can streamline customers and agents in a very organized fashion. With the help of AI, functions like call forwarding, automated responses, voicemail to email conversion and so on is done by AI very effectively, reducing labour and error costs in no time!

Digital Transformation: Call centres are the future of sales and customer services- if call centres are digitally transformed by high-speed internet, VoIP services, printers and other gadgets then, employees can perform a lot better than the current way because of convenient, hassle free work!

Customers enjoy app- based work or effective call centre solutions as well as toll- free numbers! Make communication effective and quality- oriented with digital transformation.

Contact Centre Analytics: You do not need a supervisor to explain to you how a call center works with effective analytics system. Manual observation and monitoring are the last things a company needs- instead, try out digitized versions! Several call centers are heavily relying on analytics programs and it shows how company revenues have gone upscale in the past 2 years. However, analytics techniques need to be worked on and must be made more advanced and effective.

Omni-channel communications: Your call centre needs a very holistic view or understanding of how customer experiences function. The Omni- way is the best way because it leads to a more personal resolution to problems the client faces. Businesses are working towards this approach, however, there are glitches.

Adoption of Call Centre VoIP

Several budding call centres, as well as well- developed call centres, have adopted VoIP services already by one of the best VoIP providers due to reasons like its global unlimited calling plans, toll- free number plans, smart features like video conferencing, click to call etc. Above all, exceptionally making the employees lives very simple and employers’ pockets heavier with high-quality services as well as results.

Customer Satisfaction Measures

Some customer satisfaction measures include calculating it in order to make a quantitative analysis via NRR- Negative Response Rate along with other measures like cold calling, feedbacks and more.

Remote Call Centre Agents

With the help of collaborative tools, contact call centre executives from any part of the world. Some of the tools come from VoIP service providers-holiday number, mobile VoIP and so on. This shall ensure your executive shall never miss a call in fact, take work home and work harder than ever but, with willingness.

Emphasize on Self- Serve Documentation

With the help of FAQs, your website visitors will have clarity on the generally asked questions. Only in special cases will the customer service department/ call centre will be engaged very effectively due to no traffic on the calls received.

Social Media Marketing

Effective social media marketing can engage your audiences well and ensure that you get genuine feedback with more followers each day, making your business reach across miles in no time, at the best rates! Negative feedback is generally not welcomed but, what if it’s constructive- ensure, no matter how negative feedback is, ensure it is covered up for the sake of your company image online and offline.

More Personalized Services

It is very inefficient for call centers to just help the customers by answering their questions. Call centers should adopt new trends to make customers feel valued by providing a personalized experience. This requires tools which can collect all the data and can help in providing personalized content and to program call intensively, for example, in combination with CRM, with call and action records. Similarly, each customer’s information should be monitored so that the customer can get the best response

Final Note

When it comes to call centers, it may seem like a dying industry but, it isn’t. Call centres are known to be the backbone of any organization because it handles the customer queries and some sales too. Make their lives easier with effective VoIP solutions, social media engagement, etc. in order to be sure of the revenue you’ll be generating in no time, at the most affordable rates!

Prepare your call centre and equip them with the best VoIP techniques, gadgets and above all, passion for the profession! Without these things, companies cannot go anywhere.

Difference between Regular Phone and VoIP Phone

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet.

Difference between Regular Phone and VoIP Phone


Regular phone system works based on analog signals .These signals travel through a twisted pair of copper lines over the PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network) at changing frequency. The PSTN uses circuit switching technology to get done this task.

IP Phone system works based on digital signals. In IP system we can make telephone calls over the internet. VoIP encapsulates audio into data packets, transmit the packets across an IP network and again encapsulates the packets back into audio at the other end of the connection. It stores all of your date in cloud and settings are accessible through a universal online dashboard. Using dashboard users can access their data , setup new call settings and add new phone numbers.

Suitable for:

A regular phone system is suitable if you have limited conversation on one to one basis.

VoIP is best option if you have large number of clients to communicate across the world. VoIP enables to set up a conference call with people inside as well as outside your organization. It enables employees and managers to stay connected in business from anywhere in the world. Businesses are able to communicate with clients globally and selling their products and services in emerging economies


Regular Phone system costs more compared to VoIP. Regular phones require circuits and wires for signals to travel.

In VoIP, voice is converted into data packets and travel across an IP network. VoIP does not require any infrastructure, it just utilizes Internet connection. And also the cost of VoIP depends upon the type of service customers wants to use.

Convenient and reliable:

VoIP phones are easy to use compared to Regular phone systems. VoIP provides features like mobility, conference calls, video calling, recording etc. And we can connect all of our personal devices to corporate network will get phone calls directly to personal devices. VoIP makes our call convenient and effective.

Internet Connectivity:

VoIP phones don’t work without Internet and power. This is the biggest advantage of having normal phones. Internet plays an important role in VoIP phones we can’t make, receive calls without internet. Regular phones don’t need internet connection.

Regular phones get power directly from the wires connecting them to the phone network. VoIP phones need power supply.


Regular phones provide limited number of basic features. VoIP phones provide features like video calling, conference call, voicemail to email, automatic call forwarding and many more. Using VoIP we can connect to our clients across the world.



How VoIP for small Businesses would be useful ?

In a world full of competition, a small advantage may result in a larger outcome to a business. A Business need not be a bigger and a reputed one to take advantage of VoIP services. Before knowing how VoIP for small businesses would be helpful we should understand what exactly VoIP is.


VoIP is known as ‘Internet Telephony’ or ‘IP Telephony’ and VoIP stand for Voice-over-Internet Protocol. Whereas Traditional telephony uses a wire-based connection, VoIP refers to any voice or data communication made over the Internet, usually using a broadband connection. VoIP all began to gain popularity because of Skype, which allows users to make free voice and video calls over the Internet. Skype and other players such as Google’s Hangout, Apple’s Face time use a similar concept to make calls over the internet.

VoIP technology can be utilized in multiple ways, depending on to where and how calls are being made, whether from home, at work, or a virtual office.

When making a call IP device would convert an analog signal into a digital signal, it is then sent over the internet in the form of packets of data then the exact digital signal is converted into analog signal over the receiver’s side.

Advantages of VoIP for Smaller Businesses

VoIP can make a bigger impact on the customer service and sales teams of a small company compared to big businesses, as it would provide small businesses to gain a wide business opportunity. Some of the advantages of VoIP for small businesses include

1. Less cost

less price

VoIP services cost lesser than your traditional telephone services because VoIP doesn’t need any extra infrastructure and uses software which can be downloaded and VoIP services are cloud hosted,  Also, the best VoIP phone services typically offer a wider variety of plans, including pay-as-you-go features so you only pay for service when you need it.

2. Flexibility

VoIP is flexible

VoIP is more portable when compared to your traditional phone systems, Traditional phone system cannot be carried where you go. With VoIP Phone devices, all you need is an Internet connection. Portability is one of the greatest advantages of VoIP because of its nature. Many VoIP providers grant you to access VoIP phone system via the Internet, either on the web or via a mobile app.

 3. Extra Features

Outsourcing - VoIP Feature

With the internet revolution, the VoIP services can offer a lot of extra features when compared to old traditional phone systems, this is what makes VoIP service so feature-rich. VoIP companies provide features like conferencing, Voicemail, call waiting, Call Recording, caller ID and call forwarding at no extra charge, whereas, in traditional phone service, you’ll often find yourself paying for these as an added service.


Every small business would need to do their best they can with as few resources as possible. VoIP services provide extra benefits that can boost the productivity and the efficiency of the business. VoIP also gives the impression of a bigger organization with greater resources. VoIP for small businesses would not require any extra capital expenditure, maintenance is minimized, and calls are comparatively cheaper when compared with traditional phone services and in some cases, free.  

Why you’ve got to say bye to smartphones and try Home VoIP

Here’s a fun fact, people across the globe are changing from smart phones to VoIP phones to connect with one another across the globe. You might want to rethink the mobile- only life you’re living due to multiple reasons like the environment, body effects of cell phones and so on. Learn why you’ve got to say bye to smartphones and give a shot to home VoIP:

  1. Healthier option – Sound-wise

Smartphones are getting way too obsessive also, as you know, smartphones can get very loud. There have been higher number of people suffering from deafness. With VoIP services, you can be saved from not only the loudness of your smart phones but, you can spend more time on the phone, have echo- free conversations and so on across the globe with the unlimited calling plans and smart features by your VoIP provider. Say goodbye to those portable, distracting things and switch to the more healthy and cost- effective option, VoIP.

  1. IP phones offer enhanced security options

There’s got to be some kind of emergency once in a while. Now, imagine, you’ve made a call to 911 and there’s an emergency. You live on the 9th floor. Since, you called from your smart phone, the police cannot track down your exact location. However, the power of VoIP is this- you can be tracked down at the right spot- in this case, the 9th floor! Reason being, your VoIP phones are connected to your respective addresses, leading them to where you exactly are, without any hiccups. IP phones are smart and know exactly what they’re doing!

Also, with regard to battery backup, a smart phone is the worst at it whereas, a VoIP phone’s best at it! Moreover, with one of their many smart features like fire sensors or burglar sensors, your IP phone can do wonders!

  1. Save more with just 1 investment – an IP phone

You probably never bought an IP phone because of its cost, right? Ever thought about its long term cost in comparison to smartphones? With VoIP phone service at home and customized calling plans hand in hand, your entire family can make endless number of calls, depending upon the plan you pick out with just 1 phone. Why harm the environment with 5 different smart phones at home, so expensive when, you can have one IP phone and enjoy its perks!

  1. A home telephone can enhance your phone gathering

Some new cordless telephones can remain in for your mobile phone. By putting a mobile phone close to the cordless telephone’s base, you can get to your remote administration utilizing Bluetooth innovation and utilize a cordless handset to make or accept cell calls. Notwithstanding the comfort of utilizing one handset for the majority of your calls, you may show signs of improvement in conversations via phones at home. For instance, in the event that you don’t get cell benefit in your cellar, you may have the capacity to make or accept cell calls from that point utilizing a cordless handset.

  1. VoIP phones are very impressive!

Look at huge companies like Cisco – they’re coming out with new models with so many exciting highlights. Top models include the grandstream, polycom and others. Some of the many features provided by these smart IP phones include holiday number, click to call i.e. speed dialing, music on hold, video conferencing, a voice message marker illuminates when there’s a message on telephone organization phone message, and an implicit voice-mail is helpful for screening calls and so on.

VoIP is a fairly new technology and not all are well- aware of it. In fact, its assumed to be a very vain technology for homes, small businesses etc. However, the irony behind this is that, that ain’t the case! VoIP solutions are effective for the small businesses, homes and many others – large businesses too. Families can reconnect with their loved ones, small businesses can make huge networks with just one call and the right conversation!

Now, you need people here and there and everywhere which is already happening in order to make most out of IP services – make unlimited calls, video calls, conferences, recordings etc. by making a very small payment against it.

All you’ve got to do now is add IP to your smart phone and make it a very smart ‘IP phone!’

Communication Trends this 2019 – Heading towards the best solutions?

The Gigabit era is what experts say we’re heading towards at a pretty good pace. The era sure has profound implications when it comes to communication services in general, VoIP services, communication service providers and related streams.

  1. Cloud- based communications

5G is almost here, bridging the gap between businesses, families and others. VoIP solutions have impressively taken most of the business from PSTN services, when it comes to communication at the personal and professional levels. Reason being, VoIP service providers and VoIP solutions are affordable, easy-to-use and surely the trending communication mode for the longest time. In fact, IP phones like Grandstream are top notch, give an edge to company executives and enable their employees to work effectively and efficiently as well.

In the truest sense, VoIP has been in for over a decade now and cloud- based communication providers like IP Momentum is what the world needs.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data

AI and Big Data are really taking over. But, not all companies, countries etc, are being able to accept it. Reason being, when it comes to AI, there are some destructive results which are pretty bad. On the other hand, Big Data is all about data mining which is an amazing concept. Wonders can be done with databases available- can go the other way around or change the world for the best reasons.

  1. Video Time!

Not everyone has the bandwidth to travel all the way from USA to India for instance, in order to work through a client meeting. That’s where video calling became popular. At first, it was pretty expensive but now, it’s pretty affordable, all thanks to PBX services. The good part about this technology update is that people do not waste too many resources and make effective use of the resources which are truly used.

  1. IoT – Internet of Things

IoT is the place where data is created, moved around as well as analyzed. Best part – it can function based on the need of the industry and add more value than ever. IoT is in its initial stages of application but is another amazing concept which you’ve got to try out!

  1. Value based infrastructure

This idea came up because of the recession back in 2009. Most business persons know about it and had reached the extent of not making client calls because of PSTN call rates. That’s when value based infrastructure developed – VoIP Phone services. Yes, recessions have been predicted for the year 2020. But, with effective and efficient along with affordable alternatives for the current job, things can be fixed in the professional world.

Nothing is sure – but, some things like effective VoIP solutions and the need for communication are sort of happening and shall continue for sure. However, when it comes to AI and other concepts, anything can happen. All we need to keep in mind is, make use of technology for the right reasons, keeping in mind its consequences – not just be self- centered. Because, that’s how we are where we are today!

Benefits of IPBX that will change your perspective

For the ones who do not understand IPBX, in simple words, IPBX is all about Public Branch Exchange using VoIP services and related devices. IPBX has taken take to emerge because of PSTN services. As most of you understand now, PSTN is a money eater- the services are overly expensive, network is hard and you may not be able to avail its services all the time!

When it comes to IPBX, here’s how it functions:

  • Several phone lines connected within the company- several phone lines from the world outside the company are cut out
  • Leads to effective and efficient phone calls within a company
  • Computer manages calls, switches calls from one number to another based on the number dialed
  • Since it’s a digital PBX, human operators ain’t needed- leading to exceptional changes within the organization with regard to the cost spent on keeping a human operator, ensuring effective conversations over the phone and more

What are the benefits a company, employee and other stakeholders can enjoy by installing IPBX devices?

The beauty of IPBX is that, it’s AI integrated at just the right level. IPBX is advanced, caters to employee needs and sure does improve company productivity as a whole, in the long run. Let’s look at  benefits a company, employee and other stakeholders can enjoy by installing IPBX devices


  • Easy to install and configure. The beauty of IP PBX is that it has advanced UI as well as features, making it very user- centric which helps employees enjoy making client calls or clarify doubts with other departments within a company. This leads to clarity and transparency and surely, a lot of unity within the organization.
  • Easy to manage because of GUI- based configuration interface. Via a web- based interface or GUI, ensure fine tuned phone systems within your company. Proprietary based phones are not user- centric and are generally very technical in nature- be hassle- free!
  • Definitely cost- effective. Make long distance calls, opt for global unlimited VoIP calling plans and network and build your company via effective communication amongst branch offices, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Say goodbye to phone writing. IP PBX are mostly connected to the computers mostly, eliminating the use of paper, ensuring effective taking down of information during client calls- because, they already have writing space, the computer!
  • Definitely scalable. With IPBX, standard computers can easily take care of huge numbers of phone lines, extensions and more- you’re just a click away to add more to expand conveniently.
  • Quality customer services and productivity. IPBX sure can cater to customer needs more effectively than PSTN, for example. Since, IPBX is computer- integrated, customer records, time spent on solving customer queries etc. are made worth just a few seconds, making everyone happy!
  • 2X features at half the price. Nothing’s better than a half off with 2X the benefits! With IPBX, your company can enjoy the perks of using multiple features like ring groups, auto attendant, advanced reporting and more. In fact, you can audio/video conference, send and receive voice mails and do much more at the cheapest rates. As a matter of fact, this keeps employees going on and do wonders for the company.
  • Allowing hot desking and roaming too. You may wonder what hot desking is- it’s the process wherein, people are being able to move their respective desks from one location to another with no patching needed! When it comes to roaming- in simple words, it’s free roaming!
  • Quality usability. Easy to use- set up a conference in seconds, better overview when it comes to call queues, inbound calls, etc. IPBX has let companies across the world know that it’s not just convenient to use but, has quality in its usability as well- that’s the key!
  • Comes in a wide range. When we talk about IPBX, there have been multiple models coming in and going out. However, some models have proven IPBX to be the best ever- Grandstream IP PBX 1000, UCM6200 Series IP PBX, Free PBX Phone System 60 and CooVoo- U20PBX!

Final Words

When it comes to IP PBX, it’s known to be one of the best investments ever made. IPBX has proven over and over again its significant contributions to management, maintenance, call costing and other aspects in companies across the world.

Look into it because you may want to want it too!

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