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Key Features

We are one of the Best VoIP Service Providers across India offering seamless VoIP Solutions that ensure superior business performance and measurable returns.
Customer Service Agent

HD Voice Quality

Make the most of your customer communication with premium HD voice quality. Experience enhanced comprehension, better voice quality, and enjoy uninterrupted technical discussions and meetings.

Voip outbound

Call Waiting & Forwarding

Organize and prioritize customer calls that are integral to your business and ensure that you stay focused on your business strategy, while we will ensure your call connectivity.


Toll-Free Number Availability

Our Toll-free service ensures that callers can dial a toll-free number to reach customers without incurring a usage charge.

Voip Call center

Direct International Dial

Enjoy an uninterrupted international dial-in facility that helps you expand your global business opportunities with a seamless dial-in facility.

Ip Momentum 24hrs support

Emergency Dial

Our emergency dial-in number ensures that you stay connected and secure always.

Ip Momentum

Easy Set Up

The system is custom-built to ensure you double-up your results with seamless voice solutions and expand the scope and reach of your business.

Ideal VoIP Solutions for every Business

The best part about Voice Over Internet Protocol is that it is not limited to any specific industry. At IP Momentum we have the Best VoIP Service Providers in India for Business use across Industries.

Regardless of what industry you are in and what size your business is, an effective communication system is all you need. A reliable, cost-effective, and efficient communication tool enables your employees, customers, and vendors connect with each other through high-quality calls.

Setting up a seamless connection will not only give you a brilliant experience but also make your teams to be more productive. This, in turn, leads to sustaining great customer relationships and healthier growth.

We, being one of the best VoIP service providers in India, truly comprehend your business needs. We aren’t limited to just one domain but rather focus on multiple markets.

From health, legal to transportation, education, and tele communications, we have it all covered at IP Momentum. Whether your business is located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and across the India, we will be able to cater to your VoIP needs

Our VoIP services come with these perks:

Increased Flexibility: When it comes to usage, our VoIP phone service is highly flexible. We also offer you the pliability of moving your telephony systems to other location if you decide to shift.

Superior Technology & Security: Our calling services are far more superior and advanced. We offer better clarity, low charges, low call drops, and uninterrupted calls. We use advanced encryption technology to make sure that your calls are 100% secure and further, assure you that no hacker will be able to decode them.

Multi-Featured: Being one of the best VoIP Services in India, we also bring the concept of multi-featured telephony system. This means that you will now be able to afford some feature-rich systems like conference calls and call on queue.

User friendly: Our VoIP solutions are easy to use, less complicated, and are extremely user friendly.

Establishing a strong local presence with our VoIP services is as easy as opening a jar. Get yours set up in mere moments.

Unlimited VoIP calls

Global Unlimited Dialing Plans

  • Though we are one of the leading VoIP service providers in Bangalore (India), we also cater to every business communication needs globally.
  • With IP Momentum’s global VoIP services, businesses with good broadband connection can easily enjoy local calls, long-distance calls, and robust voice solutions.
  • Our value-drive global calling plans are exclusively designed to cater to every business, enabling them to route international calls and further reduce cost.
  • Asia Pacific (India, Singapore, China, Korea, Hong Kong etc.)
  • US and Canada
  • Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Spain etc.)
  • And 60+ more location

Few things feel better than knowing you are valued. We felt valued at IP Momentum. And our investment in their VoIP solutions for business proved valuable.

– Dhruv Goenka, Manager, Sales & Coordination

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The reason our VoIP service stands out from the rest is clearly the “features.” We offer Quick setup, HD Voice quality, Toll free number availability, Call waiting & forwarding, Direct international dials, and Emergency dial.
Yes, 100% Our rates are not only reasonable but only for the best in the industry, considering the various features and perks we offer.
Yes. VoIP is way cheaper than those landline phones because it utilizes the internet connection (existing) rather than any additional hardware or separate system for installation. VoIP doesn’t require any new connections. On the other hand, with traditional telephone services, an individual should have his or her home wired with certain telephone lines, which makes it highly expensive for providers. This adds up on the cost and directly reflects on the phone bill
The charges of VoIP on a monthly basis is low. Unlike landline phones, you don’t have to be worried about huge bills. However, this also depends on the plan you choose for your business. You can contact us on any of our office branches: +917090018500 (Bangalore) and +919844025533 (Hyderabad) for further assistance.
The answer is YES. You can use VoIP phones as usual or regular phones. Anything that a conventional phone does is something that even a VoIP phone can do. In fact, it has rings, a handset, helps make & receives calls, and more importantly, it is dialed similarly. However, the only difference is the way the information travels.
Yes, IP Momentum Is TRAI Certified and registered company for VoIP Phone Solutions.

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