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It’s not enough to call ourselves the Best VoIP Service Provider in India. We have incorporated all the right elements into our VoIP Solutions to prove to be one.


HD Voice Quality - ipmomentum

HD Voice Quality

Experience superior voice quality, better comprehension and clarity, especially in long detailed and technical discussions.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting and Forwarding - ipmomentum

Call Waiting & Forwarding

Prioritize the calls that are important to you. Stay connected and stay uninterrupted.

Toll Free

Toll Free Number Availability - ipmomentum

Toll Free Number Availability

Toll-free service allows callers to dial a toll-free number to reach your business without incurring a usage charge.

International Dial

Direct International Dial - ipmomentum

Direct International Dial

Stay connected with your global customers at the touch of a button with this exclusive direct international dial in facility.

Emergency Dial

Emergency Dial - ipmomentum

Emergency Dial

Stay connected and secure with an emergency dial in number that’s always handy.


Easy Set Up - ipmomentum

Easy Set Up

The entire system is built around to ensure a seamless experience so that your focus remains on the business.

Making our mark across Industries

The best part about Voice Over Internet Protocol is that it is not limited to any specific industry. At IP Momentum we have the Best VoIP Service Providers in India for Business use across Industries.

Unlimited VoIP calls

Global Unlimited Dialing Plans

  • We may be the leading VoIP Service Providers in Bangalore, India but our service is designed for communicating with global audiences. So use our value-driven Global Calling Plans your way. You can customize our top VoIP Plans for making calls to:
  • Asia Pacific (India, Singapore, China, Korea, Hong Kong etc.)
  • US and Canada
  • Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Spain etc.)
  • And 60+ more location

Few things feel better than knowing you are valued. We felt valued at IP Momentum. And our investment in their VoIP solutions for business proved valuable.

– Dhruv Goenka, Manager, Sales & Coordination

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