VoIP reseller program to become a VoIP reseller

About the Program

This program combines the flexibility of an agent relationship with additional income opportunities from service and equipment sales. As IP Momentum Reseller, you are responsible for the sale, installation, and support of IP Momentum Voice-over-IP services.

Who Should Join

This program is ideally suited for resellers with an interest and competency in IP telephony, and for whom building recurring revenue is a strategic priority. This includes convergence solution providers, telecommunications resellers, value-added resellers, and network and systems integrators.

Superior Customer Value

Provide your customer a significant increase in communications capability, with savings of up to 60%. With IP Momentum, your customers will greatly reduce their costs, manage mobility more effectively, collaborate easily, and improve the efficiency of their Internet and VoIP connections.

VoIP Reseller Programs

Reseller Benefits

The best opportunity available to generate significant income from the most revolutionary business communications offering in decades. The chance to add fully managed VoIP service to your existing offers.

Competitive Commission
One-time fees when the customer signs a service agreement, plus attractive monthly residuals.

Dedicated Channel Sales Manager to provide all kind of support activities. Lead generation and co-op marketing programs. Effective sales and marketing tools.

Comprehensive and targeted training allows IP Momentum resellers to implement simple-to-use and highly scalable hosted and managed Voice-over-IP communications systems.

Reseller Commitments

Established business with customers that fit targeted profile. Regional or national scope.

Strength and experience in providing business telecommunications systems or service. Focus on customer support.

Direct sales force with solid customer relationships, fully trained by a qualified IP Momentum instructor. Qualified and trained installers and systems designers.

Maintain an active membership status by regularly placing new business orders. Receive and act upon IP Momentum communications in a timely manner

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