About  Us IP Momentum

IP Momentum is a globally recognized VoIP service and solutions provider. It helps organizations to implement end-to-end IP Based solutions on varied technology platforms. We are operational in India since year 2003 with an objective to cater to the upcoming needs of the emerging global telecom markets.

Today IP Momentum has an impressive list of over 200 corporate clients spread across the country.It’s been a constant endeavor of IP Momentum to bring the latest technology to the market so as to offer its customers upcoming and innovative services and solutions in the telecom domain.

IP Momentum operates out of its regional corporate office in Bangalore, India. We have world-class infrastructure facilities to support its clients on a 24*7*365 basis. A brief description of its mentionable infrastructure facilities will include:

Dedicated high-end servers maintained with Mirrored hard disks with suitable RAID configurations for protecting and securing sensitive data

Back up satellite connection in case of primary link failure

Back-up domain controller to keep the network up and running

Firewalls, Antivirus, Antiworms, which are continuously updated for comprehensive security.

High end VoIP servers hosted in UK, USA & Australia

24- hour power backup facility

IP Momentum has a team of professionals with a blend of young and experienced individuals. The work place although is a place of convergence of creative minds giving birth to innovative solutions tense with serious activities, it still has the vibrancy of being a place full of fun and frolic for its employees with varied recreational facilities.

IP Momentum practices a number of employee-oriented policies ensuring an impressive employee retention rate. It organizes regular training programs and ensures participation in relevant seminars for its employees to keep them updated of the upcoming technology and market trends.  It practices an open door culture with a flat organizational hierarchy, ensuring the desired level of transparency between different departments reducing communication gaps, which result in greater productivity.

IP Momentum is a next generation VoIP services provider that delivers comprehensive VoIP solutions. We integrate managed IP voice and data solutions quickly and economically, offering enterprises flexibility, lower cost of ownership and decentralization
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