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IP Momentum is regarded as one of the best VoIP Providers in India. We are a one- stop destination for all VoIP Services and Solutions. We at IP Momentum are extremely passionate about what we do and are dedicated to offer high quality communication with 98% network availability. Our aim is to provide the utmost feeling of satisfaction and exceed their expectations by providing them with the best VoIP Solutions at unbeatable prices. We have a wide range of unlimited calling plans and products to choose from designed just for you!

With over 13 years of experience, we have a leading edge. As we have built healthy relationships with worldwide technology partners, we can help you get the right VoIP calling plans. We at IP Momentum know that each individual has a different requirement. Therefore, we provide with customized and flexible plans so that you can change from one plan to another and tailor it to your needs as well.

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IP Momentum is a next generation VoIP services provider that delivers comprehensive VoIP solutions. We integrate managed IP voice and data solutions quickly and economically, offering enterprises flexibility, lower cost of ownership and decentralization

How will you benefit from IP Momentum's- best VoIP Service Providers in India?

We at IP Momentum care for you and put you before us. Here's how you'll benefit from us:

  • Huge savings- Enjoy huge saving on long term and short term basis as our unlimited calling plans are extremely affordable and beneficial for your company or residence
  • Variety- We at IP Momentum care for all. Therefore, we have business VoIP, home VoIP, small business VoIP, VoIP for call centers too! We know how hard you work and how important it is to save in little ways- signing up for our VoIP services in India is the best you can ever do for your company and homes.
  • Flexible calling plans- You can keep changing your plans every now and then. For instance, you go for the basic VoIP calling plan- you can change to our other unlimited calling plans and so on. This will help you know what you truly need and pay only for what you use
  • Room for customization- Customize as per your needs. There may be specific VoIP calling plans available to you. You may need to make calls to the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia as well all the time- If the plan you desire is unavailable, you can always customize your own plan
  • Free VoIP Demo- Our free demo will help you know how well we function. We do what we say and promise for. It's a way for you to test us!
  • Additional features- Our additional features have a wide variety like video conferencing, messaging, voice mail, music on hold and so on. This will take your calls to the next level, bringing in more variety and productivity with regard to communication
  • Broadened modes of communication- With our additional features, you can contact different people using different mode of communication like text, video or the basic calling mode. It's all about how you and your customers choose to communicate
  • Rise in productivity- This is a great benefit because why would one invest- to improve productivity of the company as a whole.
  • Toll Free Numbers- We offer premium rate business Toll Free Numbers which can be extremely cost effective for you. This is open for all as it's extremely affordable
  • 24*7 quality customer services- Our customer service team is great! We're not only available to you 24*7, we also clarify your doubts, take care of glitches, if any and most importantly, provide you with regular updates and offers!

We at IP Momentum are successful only when you are happy with our services. Enjoy our best voip services and solutions and attain maximum profits and quality conversations with all.

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