IP Momentum Service plans with Unlimited Calls based on VoIP Platform
Global unlimited VoIP Plans

The benefits of IP Telephony are most immediate and dramatic for the SME, but the higher cost and complexity has left VoIP as an exotic afterthought for most businesses in this segment of the market. Our focus is exclusively on providing cost-effective yet high quality VoIP services to corporates. You get the quality of service that you need to succeed in the World of Business. What you do not get are the network delays and customer support problems common with providers serving the consumer market along with you.

Our services works on the open standard protocols used by leading service providers across the industry. The widely used protocols what we use for traffic relay on our network are SIP, MGCP, H.323.

IP Momentum offers different service plans based on VoIP platform to meet client specific business demands. Our services can be implemented anywhere in the world where you have Internet connectivity.

List of our Service Plans:

IP Momentum is a next generation VoIP services provider that delivers comprehensive VoIP solutions. We integrate managed IP voice and data solutions quickly and economically, offering enterprises flexibility, lower cost of ownership and decentralization
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