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VoIP is no more restricted- VoIP is open for all!
All these years, VoIP was assumed to be for professionals VoIP, business VoIP, Call centers VoIP and more. The industry is evolving by now being open for a variety of industries or streams which shall help all channelize their communication in no time, at the most cost- effective rates.

Some of the many industries IP Momentum’s VoIP services have reached out to are of healthcare, hospitality, education, retail, real estate and more. IP Momentum brings to you VoIP services for all across the globe with 98% network availability, best of smart features like video conferencing, toll-free number plans and so on.


VoIP solutions have the ability to improve work flow in the field of medicine with regard to any position- be it reception, surgeon, nurses, anyone and everyone shall profit from VoIP services due to reasons- shall improve the quality of patient car, reduces the risk of malpractice. promotes accurate diagnosis and keeps each employee connected with one another
With IP Momentum’s VoIP for hospitals, streamline work in the hospital, clinic or any workplace, increase productive levels, and excel in this field by making a change as minor yet, major as this.


VoIP service providers in India have gone a step ahead. With increasing number of students’ in each class and lack of physical accessibility in schools, schools and other educational institutions now are opting for VoIP services due to multiple reasons- Quick contacting one another, no requirement for separate bell systems, send faxes over IP and more
Above all, keep all connected- the administration staff, housekeeping staff, faculty and others. Just one extension and you can contact anyone!


Not just India, almost all governments across the globe are wasting so much money on communication unnecessarily. With IP Momentum’s unlimited calling plans, connect across states, boundaries, districts and more in order to reach out to your colleagues and send out messages in no time. Moreover, it’s time to grow!


Provide with the most exceptional, quality- oriented customer services with VoIP for insurance companies. Connect with not just your prospects but, agents and other stakeholders in order to maintain the relationship. At the same time, reduce your communication costs, bringing in high ROI!


There are so many ways you can make use of VoIP for transportation purposes. Be it cab agencies or travel agents or metros working across branches, how can they communicate in no time, at the most affordable rates? With the help of VoIP providers in India.


Courts, be it State, High or Supreme- How to ensure they’re all connected? They certainly have landlines which probably cost them so much and break down quite often. However, with VoIP providers, they can connect with one another, reducing the time they probably spend on each case with the most convenient way of following up using IP phones. Or, faxing documents over IP and so on.


IT Companies, professionals and others need to also stat connected and ensure nothing’s been hacked or call one another during the time of a crisis or emergency. With the availability of VoIP for IT and ITES, preventive measure can be taken for the best IT experiences.


Without communicating with one another in this field, no hotel, restaurant etc. can survive. Increase staff productivity levels and efficiency with IP phones across the property. Moreover, it retains customer loyalty and streamlines hotel business processing. Above all, all your employees can run around in peace, not wondering who’s calling in his/her landline when VoIP is there.

Real Estate

Be it real estate agents, investors or stakeholders, IP services can benefit you in this field with the help of a variety of additional features along. Moreover, juggling with number of contracts can become easy with the availability of VoIP. Above all, the professionals in the industry can understand clients better manage teams from anywhere and be quick with their responses.


The retail industry needs VoIP in order to connect with enterprises, consumers and retail chains. Moreover, it’s a cost- effective hack, is easy to set-up and has the best voice quality, ensuring the best customer services as well.

Outsourcing/ Consulting

Here, cold calls have to be made. Why make calls in a mainstream way when you have the accessibility to IP phones and can reach out to your prospects in a variety of ways like voice mailing, faxing, video conferencing and more? Be the best outsourcing company or consultation service with the help of our IP phones, VoIP headsets and other technologies.


Ensure your company’s employees’ are all in touch with one another with IP phones to ensure you’re all on the same page. Send out data conveniently, like never before with VoIP services, ensuring the most comfortable workspaces, wide functionality, automation of services. Above all, cost-effective solutions!

IP Momentum is here with a variety of unlimited calling plans from across the globe which shall enhance your VoIP experience. Moreover, be the change you want to see.
With VoIP a part of your workforce, wonders can be done in any place- schools, hospitals, companies and more.

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