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Communication Trends this 2019 – Heading towards the best solutions?

The Gigabit era is what experts say we’re heading towards at a pretty good pace. The era sure has profound implications when it comes to communication services in general, VoIP services, communication service providers and related streams.

  1. Cloud- based communications

5G is almost here, bridging the gap between businesses, families and others. VoIP solutions have impressively taken most of the business from PSTN services, when it comes to communication at the personal and professional levels. Reason being, VoIP service providers and VoIP solutions are affordable, easy-to-use and surely the trending communication mode for the longest time. In fact, IP phones like Grandstream are top notch, give an edge to company executives and enable their employees to work effectively and efficiently as well.

In the truest sense, VoIP has been in for over a decade now and cloud- based communication providers like IP Momentum is what the world needs.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data

AI and Big Data are really taking over. But, not all companies, countries etc, are being able to accept it. Reason being, when it comes to AI, there are some destructive results which are pretty bad. On the other hand, Big Data is all about data mining which is an amazing concept. Wonders can be done with databases available- can go the other way around or change the world for the best reasons.

  1. Video Time!

Not everyone has the bandwidth to travel all the way from USA to India for instance, in order to work through a client meeting. That’s where video calling became popular. At first, it was pretty expensive but now, it’s pretty affordable, all thanks to PBX services. The good part about this technology update is that people do not waste too many resources and make effective use of the resources which are truly used.

  1. IoT – Internet of Things

IoT is the place where data is created, moved around as well as analyzed. Best part – it can function based on the need of the industry and add more value than ever. IoT is in its initial stages of application but is another amazing concept which you’ve got to try out!

  1. Value based infrastructure

This idea came up because of the recession back in 2009. Most business persons know about it and had reached the extent of not making client calls because of PSTN call rates. That’s when value based infrastructure developed – VoIP Phone services. Yes, recessions have been predicted for the year 2020. But, with effective and efficient along with affordable alternatives for the current job, things can be fixed in the professional world.

Nothing is sure – but, some things like effective VoIP solutions and the need for communication are sort of happening and shall continue for sure. However, when it comes to AI and other concepts, anything can happen. All we need to keep in mind is, make use of technology for the right reasons, keeping in mind its consequences – not just be self- centered. Because, that’s how we are where we are today!

Benefits of IPBX that will change your perspective

For the ones who do not understand IPBX, in simple words, IPBX is all about Public Branch Exchange using VoIP services and related devices. IPBX has taken take to emerge because of PSTN services. As most of you understand now, PSTN is a money eater- the services are overly expensive, network is hard and you may not be able to avail its services all the time!

When it comes to IPBX, here’s how it functions:

  • Several phone lines connected within the company- several phone lines from the world outside the company are cut out
  • Leads to effective and efficient phone calls within a company
  • Computer manages calls, switches calls from one number to another based on the number dialed
  • Since it’s a digital PBX, human operators ain’t needed- leading to exceptional changes within the organization with regard to the cost spent on keeping a human operator, ensuring effective conversations over the phone and more

What are the benefits a company, employee and other stakeholders can enjoy by installing IPBX devices?

The beauty of IPBX is that, it’s AI integrated at just the right level. IPBX is advanced, caters to employee needs and sure does improve company productivity as a whole, in the long run. Let’s look at  benefits a company, employee and other stakeholders can enjoy by installing IPBX devices


  • Easy to install and configure. The beauty of IP PBX is that it has advanced UI as well as features, making it very user- centric which helps employees enjoy making client calls or clarify doubts with other departments within a company. This leads to clarity and transparency and surely, a lot of unity within the organization.
  • Easy to manage because of GUI- based configuration interface. Via a web- based interface or GUI, ensure fine tuned phone systems within your company. Proprietary based phones are not user- centric and are generally very technical in nature- be hassle- free!
  • Definitely cost- effective. Make long distance calls, opt for global unlimited VoIP calling plans and network and build your company via effective communication amongst branch offices, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Say goodbye to phone writing. IP PBX are mostly connected to the computers mostly, eliminating the use of paper, ensuring effective taking down of information during client calls- because, they already have writing space, the computer!
  • Definitely scalable. With IPBX, standard computers can easily take care of huge numbers of phone lines, extensions and more- you’re just a click away to add more to expand conveniently.
  • Quality customer services and productivity. IPBX sure can cater to customer needs more effectively than PSTN, for example. Since, IPBX is computer- integrated, customer records, time spent on solving customer queries etc. are made worth just a few seconds, making everyone happy!
  • 2X features at half the price. Nothing’s better than a half off with 2X the benefits! With IPBX, your company can enjoy the perks of using multiple features like ring groups, auto attendant, advanced reporting and more. In fact, you can audio/video conference, send and receive voice mails and do much more at the cheapest rates. As a matter of fact, this keeps employees going on and do wonders for the company.
  • Allowing hot desking and roaming too. You may wonder what hot desking is- it’s the process wherein, people are being able to move their respective desks from one location to another with no patching needed! When it comes to roaming- in simple words, it’s free roaming!
  • Quality usability. Easy to use- set up a conference in seconds, better overview when it comes to call queues, inbound calls, etc. IPBX has let companies across the world know that it’s not just convenient to use but, has quality in its usability as well- that’s the key!
  • Comes in a wide range. When we talk about IPBX, there have been multiple models coming in and going out. However, some models have proven IPBX to be the best ever- Grandstream IP PBX 1000, UCM6200 Series IP PBX, Free PBX Phone System 60 and CooVoo- U20PBX!

Final Words

When it comes to IP PBX, it’s known to be one of the best investments ever made. IPBX has proven over and over again its significant contributions to management, maintenance, call costing and other aspects in companies across the world.

Look into it because you may want to want it too!

Think Globally, Buy Locally- Choose your VoIP provider this way

“Think Globally, Buy Locally.” Modi too believes in something like that, the Prime Minister of India. Which is why, people started buying Micromax phones, Patanjali food products and so on. So, why is it

that we’re still held back when we have to choose a VoIP provider in India?

Why choose brands like Skype, Viber, Ooma and so on while trying to make overseas calls when you have local brands who have gone global?

Let’s start with “Think Globally”

Small and medium sized businesses need to ensure that they equip their respective companies with the same equipment and amenities in order to ensure they obtain the best results. Some features include call forwarding, click to call, video conferencing, holiday number and so on. However, the system must be easy to learn.

Point being, while choosing the right VoIP provider the company must keep in mind the size, need and the budget of the company for the service opted for. So, what’s the point of spending dollars altogether when you can do it locally, in a better way with most interpersonal services?

Moving on, let’s move onto “buy locally.”

The beauty about local products is that it boosts the country from its base, bringing in high capital for them and your company too. Also, your company saves up on thousands of dollars by making the smart and right choice.

The blend-

At the local level, there are VoIP providers like IP Momentum who have gone to the global level but, have been able to deliver affordable, quality, top- notch IP phone services in no time! Your company needs something like that- a VoIP provider with the following at the local level for affordable and effective VoIP solutions:

  • Network availability guaranteed
  • 24*7 customer services in order to clarify doubts anytime
  • Smart features for all kinds of business needs readily available
  • Transparency in bills
  • Toll- free number plans for virtual office set-ups across nations
  • Unlimited calling plans– calling USA from India, UK, Canada etc

The End Note-

This is a very critical business paradigm. However, while choosing the right VoIP provider, smart work is what’ll do the trick for you. Especially, if your business in a small or medium scaled business, there’s no point in opting for huge VoIP service providers because they won’t help you out when in need. Moreover, they’re expensive due to its brand name.

Think smart, act smarter.


Latest Call Centre VoIP Trends 2018-19

Call centers are not like the old days anymore. It’s more about quality customer experiences now! VoIP solutions have now popped up for the best, completely eradicating free and low- quality calling as well as PSTN calling services. 2018- 19 is the year of revolution because there are so many goals which have to be achieved by 2020- financially as well as personally. Check out different ways in which call centers can be worked on with the help of the best of technology:

Artificial Intelligence: If AI is integrated into customer interactions, call centers can streamline customers and agents in a very organized fashion. With the help of AI, functions like call forwarding, automated responses, voicemail to email conversion and so on is done by AI very effectively, reducing labour and error costs in no time!

Digital Transformation: Call centres are the future of sales and customer services- if call centres are digitally transformed by high-speed internet, VoIP services, printers and other gadgets then, employees can perform a lot better than the current way because of convenient, hassle free work!

Customers enjoy app- based work or effective call centre solutions as well as toll- free numbers! Make communication effective and quality- oriented with digital transformation.

Contact Centre Analytics: You do not need a supervisor to explain to you how a call center works with effective analytics system. Manual observation and monitoring are the last things a company needs- instead, try out digitized versions! Several call centers are heavily relying on analytics programs and it shows how company revenues have gone upscale in the past 2 years. However, analytics techniques need to be worked on and must be made more advanced and effective.

Omni-channel communications: Your call centre needs a very holistic view or understanding of how customer experiences function. The Omni- way is the best way because it leads to a more personal resolution to problems the client faces. Businesses are working towards this approach, however, there are glitches.

Adoption of Call Centre VoIP: Several budding call centres, as well as well- developed call centres, have adopted VoIP services already by one of the best VoIP providers due to reasons like its global unlimited calling plans, toll- free number plans, smart features like video conferencing, click to call etc. Above all, exceptionally making the employees lives very simple and employers’ pockets heavier with high-quality services as well as results.

Customer Satisfaction Measures: Some customer satisfaction measures include calculating it in order to make a quantitative analysis via NRR- Negative Response Rate along with other measures like cold calling, feedbacks and more.

Remote Call Centre Agents: With the help of collaborative tools, contact call centre executives from any part of the world. Some of the tools come from VoIP service providers-holiday number, mobile VoIP and so on. This shall ensure your executive shall never miss a call in fact, take work home and work harder than ever but, with willingness.

Emphasize on Self- Serve Documentation: With the help of FAQs, your website visitors will have clarity on the generally asked questions. Only in special cases will the customer service department/ call centre will be engaged very effectively due to no traffic on the calls received.

Social Media Marketing: Effective social media marketing can engage your audiences well and ensure that you get genuine feedback with more followers each day, making your business reach across miles in no time, at the best rates! Negative feedback is generally not welcomes but, what if it’s constructive- ensure, no matter how negative feedback is, ensure it is covered up for the sake of your company image online and offline.

Final Note-

When it comes to call centers, it may seem like a dying industry but, it isn’t. Call centres are known to be the backbone of any organization because it handles the customer queries and some sales too. Make their lives easier with effective VoIP solutions, social media engagement, etc. in order to be sure of the revenue you’ll be generating in no time, at the most affordable rates!

Prepare your call centre and equip them with the best VoIP techniques, gadgets and above all, passion for the profession! Without these things, companies cannot go anywhere.

Industry- Specific VoIP Service Questions Answered

Curious about VoIP Communication Systems but don’t know where to start? Here’s your guide! IP Momentum has taken the liberty to answer some common client questions in details, ensuring a positive outcome of awareness amongst prospect business VoIP and call center VoIP users.
Check out the following answers well- explained for clarity on your end as start-ups, small-scale businesses, large-scale businesses and so on:

What can IP Momentum do for me?

IP Momentum is one of the VoIP providers in India with an objective in mind- to help thousands of businesses which vary in sizes, industries and any other way. This is the prime reason why we could become the best VoIP service, providing top quality of features and services across India and abroad.
Check out our range of bundle plans which are not just cost-effective but will ensure you find this the most cost-benefit oriented investment:

Customer service- top notch
Unlimited virtual faxing
Voicemail to email
HD music on hold
Acts as a productive tool
Direct calling
Conference calling- video and audio
Call recording and more

Industry- Specific Questions

I am in the Financial Service Industry. What can IP Momentum do for me?

IP Momentum can provide with multiple features which would definitely benefit your financial service business:
Auto- attendant- You do not have to sitting at work 24*7 when you have the auto- attendant feature provided by the VoIP solution provider. In fact, your caller can now use the auto- attendant function and the required department will automatically receive the call.
Automated calls– With quality IVR- Interactive Voice Recognition, you can now set up automated calls which will act as a personal reminder for you.
Virtual Faxing– Keep your company spacious with the help of virtual faxing system by VoIP solutions. This is a digital feature provided by VoIP providers and there is no need for you to have hard copies- look out for soft copies on your computer- send and receive faces the same way! Virtual faxing has helped several businesses not just space out but reduce the number of employees needed, maintenance of paperwork and so on.

I belong with the automotive industry. What options can you offer me?

Click to call- Contact your prospect clients with the click of a button once they register a complaint, showing effective services. Click to call function also ensures emergency situations are covered, keeping all safe.
Music on hold- Keep your listeners entertained, especially when you have complicated doubts in the middle of a client call, ensuring professionalism in the eyes of your consumers.

I am in the education industry. What options can you offer me?

Improve student productivity with video and conferencing feature provided by VoIP providers. This also helps in having guest lectures take place from across the world.
Low-cost set- up, setting up infrastructure upgrades will make budget-friendly infrastructure changes at the educational institution and add upgraded features too
Scales with all- students, teachers, and other stakeholders

I am in the healthcare service industry. What options can you offer me?

Security and reliability- There are multiple IP Momentum customer service centers, ensuring your VoIP solutions if causing any issue will be fixed within 24 hours. Reason being, you’re in the healthcare industry, dealing with people going through extreme emergencies.
Communication anywhere- Broaden your network from one hospital branch to another, for example, in order to help all no matter where they are.

I am in the tech industry. What options can you offer me?

Multiple- channel communication- video, audio, voicemail to email and other ways are there to get in touch with colleagues, clients etc. in seconds, at the most affordable rates. Also, it eradicated unnecessary need of traveling across a country or countries.
Call recording shall help your company not just record conversations but, share as well as rate calls as well for effective call center VoIP experiences, client calls for quality customer solutions.
I am in the legal industry. What options can offer me?
The legal industry gets multiple clients calls each day- handle it effectively with IP Momentum’s VoIP solutions:
Maintain professional image with VoIP smart features by IP Momentum like auto attendant, voice recording and others. It keeps your firm or organization on the safe side too!
Faxing over IP is another essential feature the legal industries need because how else can you possibly

keep track of evidence in a smooth and organized way?

I am in the logistics industry. What options can you offer me?

Auto attendant and IVR can help not just direct calls to the right destination but, playback audio messages with extra information and marketing messages!
There is also utmost flexibility with VoIP solutions keeping it easy to add employees in the IP service link which come and go
Multichannel marketing must be the need of the hour for this industry so, enjoy other features like call forwarding, unlimited calling plans VoIP and more.

I am in the accounting industry. What options can you offer me?

Accounting, being a desk job also needs VoIP solutions- here’s how:
Go paperless with digitized faxes and information available in your computer.
Collaborate and keep in touch with your clients via not just virtual faxes but time to time calls made using global unlimited calling plans, video conferencing and so on.
Maintain professional image with VoIP smart features by IP Momentum like auto attendant, voice recording and others. It keeps things official!

I am a Non- Profit Organization. What platforms or VoIP solutions can you offer me?

Flexibility is the key because you never know when you can’t afford the VoIP service provider services. So, with IP Momentum, you can withdraw from any VoIP service plan opted for, ensuring no hidden fees charged. Also, you have the liberty to disconnect and reconnect IP phones with our 24*7 customer support or yourself- it’s that easy!
Auto attendant and IVR ensure you can keep your donors updated with anything happening in the NGO for utmost transparency.
Save 70% of your phone bills and get donors from across the world with effective plans in marketing and more.

I am in the real estate industry. What platforms can you offer me?

Multiple- channel communication- video, audio, voicemail to email and other ways are there to get in touch with colleagues, clients etc. in seconds, at the most affordable rates. Also, it eradicated unnecessary need of traveling across a country or countries at the same time, expand businesses too.
There is also utmost flexibility with VoIP solutions keeping it easy to add employees in the IP service link which come and go
Communicate with your agents from across locations via virtual faxes, voicemails to email, conferencing etc.

I belong with the Hotel Management Industry. What platforms can I be offered?

Click to call- Contact your prospect clients with the click of a button once they register a complaint, showing effective services. Click to call function also ensures emergency situations are covered, keeping all safe.
Music on hold- Keep your listeners entertained, especially when you have complicated doubts in the middle of a client call, ensuring professionalism in the eyes of your consumers.
Auto- attendant- You do not have to sitting at work 24*7 when you have the auto- attendant feature provided by the VoIP solution provider. In fact, your caller can now use the auto- attendant function and the required department will automatically receive the call.

I am in the retail industry. What platforms can you offer me?

Auto attendant and IVR ensure you can keep your donors updated with anything happening in the store or company for utmost transparency.
Music on hold- Keep your listeners entertained, especially when you have complicated doubts in the middle of a client call, ensuring professionalism in the eyes of your consumers.

Please note, no matter which industry your company belongs with, IP Momentum has features open to all- you can always customize your VoIP service plan and mix and match unlimited calling plans, features, IP phones headsets, and other features at any point of time during your relationship with us in no time, at the best rates.

The main reason behind VoIP getting threatened by the Government

As you know, PSTN has been in power since forever with regard to communication services. PSTN was known for its reliability, quality audio calls. However, it started and ended there. Communication services were stagnant for decades until VoIP services came with features like video conferencing, voicemail and other services. The way the world perceived communication changed with the development of VoIP services in the picture.

Challenges and Obstacles VoIP faced

Back in the 1990s, VoIP came into existence and did not build a good image due to lack of internet connectivity and affordability. PSTN calling services came higher. VoIP did not build its network due to a very simple reason- it never allowed its users to make phone calls free of cost. Later this was worked upon- one of the reasons why VoIP gained recognition.

About 2 decades later, VoIP boomed into the lives of professionals, homes and so on- all thanks to the availability of internet connection available worldwide. VoIP services also introduced new functionality (like click to call, multi-device ring etc.) However, that never guaranteed the success of VoIP or its consistency with regard to success. Due to criminal offenses committed using IP phones, security challenges, privacy invasion etc., authorities started questioning VoIP service providers in India, Dubai etc. Governments debated over the transition from PSTN to VoIP. In many countries, VoIP regulation doesn’t even exist yet even though service providers exist.

The Issue- Government versus VoIP

Globally speaking, countries like China, revolted against VoIP services. Countries, amongst themselves, have tried fighting out this discussion over retaining VoIP systems in countries like India or not. However, there’s been cases direct or indirect banning of VoIP services as it may have concerns with hostility.

What is it about VoIP that makes governments so nervous?

Very difficult to regulate: From the perspective of a regulatory body, new technologies have to be regulated but are hard to do so. Regulatory bodies need to be sure, well- trained and aware of how to govern such industries.

Let’s take the example of USA- for the longest time, big players in the VoIP market like IP Momentum took over communication and brought it up to another level. However, IP Momentum never had situations like cybercrime, hidden fees etc. Which is when VoIP services became popular across nations around the time 1990s.


This level of interception is difficult to implement for VoIP since encryption technology does not have a back door, so to speak. Many governments have been trying for years to crack the most popular encryption algorithms. They’ve also tried to get software developers to install backdoors specifically for such a use, although it has been met with resistance. It is yet another reason for governments to view VoIP as a threat or risk. As VoIP looks set to replace the PSTN, government opposition is yet another challenge that the technology has to overcome.

However, VoIP has a bright future because of the benefits it has. In fact, VoIP services for MNCs, small companies, call centers etc. have been signing up for VoIP solutions since 2000 with exceptional improvement in ROI, in no time, at the most cost-effective prices. VoIP not just increased employment opportunities but, it helped improve the outreach of companies to foreign nations, cities etc. and become locally and globally effective at all levels.

Use VoIP to compete with the rest of the world, businesses

As you know, landlines are dying out. Rather, they’re long gone! In fact, about 10%  international phone calls were being made using business VoIP when it started off. Imagine what the case is now, in 2018. Companies, individuals, everyone started wondering how big VoIP really is, what it really is and how it’s used. Was it something unconventional or really difficult and expensive or a trendsetter?


VoIP as a communication platform

Back in time when phone calls were made from one desk to another, it was a very limited set-up. It was all about being at the desk to attend one call at a time. The beauty of VoIP services is that it’s not tying up any employee, any individual to its physical desk. It’s like taking its desk everywhere along with himself with an upscale in productivity and more.

You go on a vacation with a holiday number via a VoIP service provider and you’re all set there as well. The result being, not one minute was wasted when it came down to communicating via VoIP solutions. Also, it cut down on major travel costs, time, energy and so much more.

VoIP world is was and never will be static in nature. It creates an environment for creating, developing and managing its surroundings and potential.

VoIP has potential– great potential. In fact, it can go beyond smartphones if worked upon rigorously.

This concept is not new to us but, it’s affordable when it comes to VoIP. Make unlimited calls anytime, anywhere with no restrictions. All you need to do is, pick out the global unlimited VoIP calling plans and you’re all set to build an inexpensive, risk-oriented and exciting business venture with the best kind of communication system, the virtual kind.


Look at countries like India, Africa, etc. Do you expect developing countries have spaces readily available like that in the USA? No. Reason? There are multiple but, the beauty of VoIP is that it is so convenient to bring it into business place. All you need is a plug point and a portable IP phone and you’re all set to make calls. In the case of cordless IP phones, the plug point are not necessary to be available! Use additional features provided by your VoIP provider and don’t pay extra- just continue working from anywhere, anytime- office or any other country.

Brand Building

Network with prospects from across the globe and build your brand. All you need is a database which VoIP obviously cannot provide you with and build your brand via telephonic marketing, communication and more.

Customization and Flexibility

You need to make calls for a specific duration of time, in specific countries. How can you do that in the case of VoIP? Request for a customized VoIP service plan, change your features, countries picked out, anything you want! Remember, the beauty of VoIP is its flexibility and never forget that.

Customer Services

Make calls to your customers whom your company lost due to a variety of reasons including lack of communication. Fix the mistakes your company made back then and be the change you want to see via the best customer service team and portable VoIP solutions along with the right VoIP headsets and IP phones!

Bottom line– VoIP is all about being intelligent- linking your brand to the rest of the world, networking, enhancing productivity levels and work ad so much more. Give your company a chance to grow, fix mistakes and use VoIP to compete with the rest of the businesses across locations.

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