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Communication Trends this 2019 – Heading towards the best solutions?

The Gigabit era is what experts say we’re heading towards at a pretty good pace. The era sure has profound implications when it comes to communication services in general, VoIP services, communication service providers and related streams.

  1. Cloud- based communications

5G is almost here, bridging the gap between businesses, families and others. VoIP solutions have impressively taken most of the business from PSTN services, when it comes to communication at the personal and professional levels. Reason being, VoIP service providers and VoIP solutions are affordable, easy-to-use and surely the trending communication mode for the longest time. In fact, IP phones like Grandstream are top notch, give an edge to company executives and enable their employees to work effectively and efficiently as well.

In the truest sense, VoIP has been in for over a decade now and cloud- based communication providers like IP Momentum is what the world needs.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data

AI and Big Data are really taking over. But, not all companies, countries etc, are being able to accept it. Reason being, when it comes to AI, there are some destructive results which are pretty bad. On the other hand, Big Data is all about data mining which is an amazing concept. Wonders can be done with databases available- can go the other way around or change the world for the best reasons.

  1. Video Time!

Not everyone has the bandwidth to travel all the way from USA to India for instance, in order to work through a client meeting. That’s where video calling became popular. At first, it was pretty expensive but now, it’s pretty affordable, all thanks to PBX services. The good part about this technology update is that people do not waste too many resources and make effective use of the resources which are truly used.

  1. IoT – Internet of Things

IoT is the place where data is created, moved around as well as analyzed. Best part – it can function based on the need of the industry and add more value than ever. IoT is in its initial stages of application but is another amazing concept which you’ve got to try out!

  1. Value based infrastructure

This idea came up because of the recession back in 2009. Most business persons know about it and had reached the extent of not making client calls because of PSTN call rates. That’s when value based infrastructure developed – VoIP Phone services. Yes, recessions have been predicted for the year 2020. But, with effective and efficient along with affordable alternatives for the current job, things can be fixed in the professional world.

Nothing is sure – but, some things like effective VoIP solutions and the need for communication are sort of happening and shall continue for sure. However, when it comes to AI and other concepts, anything can happen. All we need to keep in mind is, make use of technology for the right reasons, keeping in mind its consequences – not just be self- centered. Because, that’s how we are where we are today!

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