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Gain access to 10 Million Multisource Verified Customer Data

Acquiring customer data has never been easy. From the quality of customer information, industry-wise segmentation and pricing, all of it is packaged with a unique set of challenges. Not anymore.

Customer data is now at your fingertips. Ampliz our unified data tool is designed to manage your data at the click of a button. It’s a fully automated B2B data search & hosting platform for an easy and hassle free experience to seek customer information. One of the main objectives is to help you reduce your data acquisition costs while increasing your marketing ROI substantially.

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  • Gather all the information segmented as per your unique preferences
  • Create customer personas seamlessly and hunt contacts 10 times faster
  • Gain maximum search coverage with company-based and individual name-based data search modules
  • Access 10 million verified profiles with over +25 data filters through a simple one-touch sign-up


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