Month: February 2019

Why you’ve got to say bye to smartphones and try Home VoIP

Here’s a fun fact, people across the globe are changing from smart phones to VoIP phones to connect with one another across the globe. You might want to rethink the mobile- only life you’re living due to multiple reasons like the environment, body effects of cell phones and so on. Learn why you’ve got to say bye to smartphones and give a shot to home VoIP:

  1. Healthier option – Sound-wise

Smartphones are getting way too obsessive also, as you know, smartphones can get very loud. There have been higher number of people suffering from deafness. With VoIP services, you can be saved from not only the loudness of your smart phones but, you can spend more time on the phone, have echo- free conversations and so on across the globe with the unlimited calling plans and smart features by your VoIP provider. Say goodbye to those portable, distracting things and switch to the more healthy and cost- effective option, VoIP.

  1. IP phones offer enhanced security options

There’s got to be some kind of emergency once in a while. Now, imagine, you’ve made a call to 911 and there’s an emergency. You live on the 9th floor. Since, you called from your smart phone, the police cannot track down your exact location. However, the power of VoIP is this- you can be tracked down at the right spot- in this case, the 9th floor! Reason being, your VoIP phones are connected to your respective addresses, leading them to where you exactly are, without any hiccups. IP phones are smart and know exactly what they’re doing!

Also, with regard to battery backup, a smart phone is the worst at it whereas, a VoIP phone’s best at it! Moreover, with one of their many smart features like fire sensors or burglar sensors, your IP phone can do wonders!

  1. Save more with just 1 investment – an IP phone

You probably never bought an IP phone because of its cost, right? Ever thought about its long term cost in comparison to smartphones? With VoIP phone service at home and customized calling plans hand in hand, your entire family can make endless number of calls, depending upon the plan you pick out with just 1 phone. Why harm the environment with 5 different smart phones at home, so expensive when, you can have one IP phone and enjoy its perks!

  1. A home telephone can enhance your phone gathering

Some new cordless telephones can remain in for your mobile phone. By putting a mobile phone close to the cordless telephone’s base, you can get to your remote administration utilizing Bluetooth innovation and utilize a cordless handset to make or accept cell calls. Notwithstanding the comfort of utilizing one handset for the majority of your calls, you may show signs of improvement in conversations via phones at home. For instance, in the event that you don’t get cell benefit in your cellar, you may have the capacity to make or accept cell calls from that point utilizing a cordless handset.

  1. VoIP phones are very impressive!

Look at huge companies like Cisco – they’re coming out with new models with so many exciting highlights. Top models include the grandstream, polycom and others. Some of the many features provided by these smart IP phones include holiday number, click to call i.e. speed dialing, music on hold, video conferencing, a voice message marker illuminates when there’s a message on telephone organization phone message, and an implicit voice-mail is helpful for screening calls and so on.

VoIP is a fairly new technology and not all are well- aware of it. In fact, its assumed to be a very vain technology for homes, small businesses etc. However, the irony behind this is that, that ain’t the case! VoIP solutions are effective for the small businesses, homes and many others – large businesses too. Families can reconnect with their loved ones, small businesses can make huge networks with just one call and the right conversation!

Now, you need people here and there and everywhere which is already happening in order to make most out of IP services – make unlimited calls, video calls, conferences, recordings etc. by making a very small payment against it.

All you’ve got to do now is add IP to your smart phone and make it a very smart ‘IP phone!’

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