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Benefits of IPBX that will change your perspective

For the ones who do not understand IPBX, in simple words, IPBX is all about Public Branch Exchange using VoIP services and related devices. IPBX has taken take to emerge because of PSTN services. As most of you understand now, PSTN is a money eater- the services are overly expensive, network is hard and you may not be able to avail its services all the time!

When it comes to IPBX, here’s how it functions:

  • Several phone lines connected within the company- several phone lines from the world outside the company are cut out
  • Leads to effective and efficient phone calls within a company
  • Computer manages calls, switches calls from one number to another based on the number dialed
  • Since it’s a digital PBX, human operators ain’t needed- leading to exceptional changes within the organization with regard to the cost spent on keeping a human operator, ensuring effective conversations over the phone and more

What are the benefits a company, employee and other stakeholders can enjoy by installing IPBX devices?

The beauty of IPBX is that, it’s AI integrated at just the right level. IPBX is advanced, caters to employee needs and sure does improve company productivity as a whole, in the long run. Let’s look at  benefits a company, employee and other stakeholders can enjoy by installing IPBX devices


  • Easy to install and configure. The beauty of IP PBX is that it has advanced UI as well as features, making it very user- centric which helps employees enjoy making client calls or clarify doubts with other departments within a company. This leads to clarity and transparency and surely, a lot of unity within the organization.
  • Easy to manage because of GUI- based configuration interface. Via a web- based interface or GUI, ensure fine tuned phone systems within your company. Proprietary based phones are not user- centric and are generally very technical in nature- be hassle- free!
  • Definitely cost- effective. Make long distance calls, opt for global unlimited VoIP calling plans and network and build your company via effective communication amongst branch offices, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Say goodbye to phone writing. IP PBX are mostly connected to the computers mostly, eliminating the use of paper, ensuring effective taking down of information during client calls- because, they already have writing space, the computer!
  • Definitely scalable. With IPBX, standard computers can easily take care of huge numbers of phone lines, extensions and more- you’re just a click away to add more to expand conveniently.
  • Quality customer services and productivity. IPBX sure can cater to customer needs more effectively than PSTN, for example. Since, IPBX is computer- integrated, customer records, time spent on solving customer queries etc. are made worth just a few seconds, making everyone happy!
  • 2X features at half the price. Nothing’s better than a half off with 2X the benefits! With IPBX, your company can enjoy the perks of using multiple features like ring groups, auto attendant, advanced reporting and more. In fact, you can audio/video conference, send and receive voice mails and do much more at the cheapest rates. As a matter of fact, this keeps employees going on and do wonders for the company.
  • Allowing hot desking and roaming too. You may wonder what hot desking is- it’s the process wherein, people are being able to move their respective desks from one location to another with no patching needed! When it comes to roaming- in simple words, it’s free roaming!
  • Quality usability. Easy to use- set up a conference in seconds, better overview when it comes to call queues, inbound calls, etc. IPBX has let companies across the world know that it’s not just convenient to use but, has quality in its usability as well- that’s the key!
  • Comes in a wide range. When we talk about IPBX, there have been multiple models coming in and going out. However, some models have proven IPBX to be the best ever- Grandstream IP PBX 1000, UCM6200 Series IP PBX, Free PBX Phone System 60 and CooVoo- U20PBX!

Final Words

When it comes to IP PBX, it’s known to be one of the best investments ever made. IPBX has proven over and over again its significant contributions to management, maintenance, call costing and other aspects in companies across the world.

Look into it because you may want to want it too!

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