Month: October 2018

Think Globally, Buy Locally- Choose your VoIP provider this way

“Think Globally, Buy Locally.” Modi too believes in something like that, the Prime Minister of India. Which is why, people started buying Micromax phones, Patanjali food products and so on. So, why is it

that we’re still held back when we have to choose a VoIP provider in India?

Why choose brands like Skype, Viber, Ooma and so on while trying to make overseas calls when you have local brands who have gone global?

Let’s start with “Think Globally”

Small and medium sized businesses need to ensure that they equip their respective companies with the same equipment and amenities in order to ensure they obtain the best results. Some features include call forwarding, click to call, video conferencing, holiday number and so on. However, the system must be easy to learn.

Point being, while choosing the right VoIP provider the company must keep in mind the size, need and the budget of the company for the service opted for. So, what’s the point of spending dollars altogether when you can do it locally, in a better way with most interpersonal services?

Moving on, let’s move onto “buy locally.”

The beauty about local products is that it boosts the country from its base, bringing in high capital for them and your company too. Also, your company saves up on thousands of dollars by making the smart and right choice.

The blend-

At the local level, there are VoIP providers like IP Momentum who have gone to the global level but, have been able to deliver affordable, quality, top- notch IP phone services in no time! Your company needs something like that- a VoIP provider with the following at the local level for affordable and effective VoIP solutions:

  • Network availability guaranteed
  • 24*7 customer services in order to clarify doubts anytime
  • Smart features for all kinds of business needs readily available
  • Transparency in bills
  • Toll- free number plans for virtual office set-ups across nations
  • Unlimited calling plans– calling USA from India, UK, Canada etc

The End Note-

This is a very critical business paradigm. However, while choosing the right VoIP provider, smart work is what’ll do the trick for you. Especially, if your business in a small or medium scaled business, there’s no point in opting for huge VoIP service providers because they won’t help you out when in need. Moreover, they’re expensive due to its brand name.

Think smart, act smarter.


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