IP Momentum Product Portfolio | Cisco, Polycom, Snom IP Phones for Unlimited Calls

IP Momentum provides equipment manufactured by renowned networking products companies like Cisco, Polycom etc. Our complete products offering works on open standard protocols, which makes them compatible with most of the VoIP based servers used by other service providers.

The products we offer are:

Cisco IP Phone

Polycom IP Phone

Cisco ATA 186 Adapter

Cisco Linksys PAP2

Snom IP Phone

Grandstream HandyTone ATA 286

SIPURA SPA 2000 Adapter

InnoMedia MTA 6328Re

IP Momentum is a next generation VoIP services provider that delivers comprehensive VoIP solutions. We integrate managed IP voice and data solutions quickly and economically, offering enterprises flexibility, lower cost of ownership and decentralization
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