UK Toll Free Numbers

By subscribing to this plan you can receive calls from landline numbers in UK with exception to UK National numbers starting with series 0870. Mobile calls from UK and other countries will be charged same as outbound calls to that particular destination mentioned in the rate sheet. The incoming Toll Free number (1-800#) from UK will be provided. Here is the list of features covered under this plan

Voice Mail FREE
Interoffice Dialing FREE
Incoming Calls CHARGED
Hunt Group Facility CHARGED
Automatic Call Distribution CHARGED

Be a part of UK without living in it with UK Toll- free number

There are several companies out there who are doing business within the UK without even being within the borders! IP Momentum's here to bridge the gap between businesses and the UK with it's premium rate toll- free numbers.

Expand your market in one of the most expensive places in the Globe- the UK by making this small investment. It' a great marketing tool to establish yourself on a local level, the core level! We also provide with US toll- free number plans if you want to spread across miles all across the USA!

We are right behind you to help you out at all times- IP Momentum's VoIP service plans are easy to use and you can make use of all the plans we provide with in any part of the world.

Who all can call at my UK toll-free number?

Once to subscribe to our UK toll-free number plan, you can receive calls from any land-line numbers within the US except for UK national phone numbers starting from 0870. Mobile calls made from the UK and other countries will be costing the same as outbound calls. 800 numbers are accessible however, not always!

Enjoy doing business with our UK- premium rate toll- free numbers:

UK is a major exporter and importer on a global level and has become the hub for all businesses to flourish!

However, physical presence in the UK ain't a compulsion. IP Momentum's UK toll- free numbers shall help you work on and establish your local presence- remember, the more accessible you are for them, the closer they'll remain with you.

What do you need to make things work?

  • You must have a fast broadband connection
  • You must have a soft phone or an IP phone or an analog telephone adapter

Nothing else, just have great ideas and hopes and we'll help you get there!

Additional features which come with our UK- toll free number plan:

  • Call forwarding
  • Voice mail
  • Interoffice dialing
  • Hunt group facility
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Incoming calls facility and more!
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